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Day 723: Canvassing Questions For The Rising Tide Civic Panel

As a moderator for the Rising Tide conference‘s Making Civic Sexy panel, I want to be just that – a moderator.  Period.  To that end, my preparations include mentally going over past conferences and panels in which I’ve participated and doing some reading.

Jonathan Grubb – 8 Types of conference panel audience members – funny, but tech-oriented.  Related: 8 Types of meeting attendees

Guy Kawasaki – How to Kick Butt On a Panel Guy’s pointers are mainly for panelists themselves, but there’s some sound advice for moderators.

If you’re lucky, and there’s a good moderator, that moderator will try to pin you to the wall with tough, embarrassing questions. This is a good thing because it provides an opportunity to (a) be funny and (b) show that you’re a straight shooter.

… The moderator is asking the questions, but he is merely a proxy for the audience. When you answer, don’t look at the moderator. Look at the audience because the audience doesn’t want to see the side of your head. (FYI, a good moderator will not make eye contact with you–forcing you to look away from him and look at the audience.)

Are there any questions you want me to ask my civic-minded panelists Bart Everson, Karen Gadbois, Eban Williams and Sarah Elise Lewis?  If your question is selected (and you are the only to ask it), you will be vocally recognized.

Update: Introducing RT2 merch!  With a proper logo, t-shirts and koozies, we must be for real.  (Go thank this man.)

Rising Tide 2 Koozies

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  • Editor B August 22, 2007, 3:58 PM

    Ask Bart Everson how he manages to remain humble despite being so devilishly handsome.

  • liprap August 22, 2007, 5:46 PM

    God bless them RT II coozies!

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