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Day 644: William Jefferson Indicted – Big Whoop

NYTimes Caucus: Jefferson Indictment On Corruption Charges

Read the comments, for they are always so much more informative of the astonishing American mindset than the news post itself.

Yes, yes, it’s time for the next round of Republican-Democrat demagoguery and for the rest of the US to wonder how this area re-elected such a man.  William Jefferson’s constituency knew he was guilty two years ago, and, unlike Ms. Pelosi, still know he’s nowhere near innocent.  But, $90K in his freezer wasn’t as important as Karen Carter ascendant, and the intricate web of political rivalry once again beat out ethics.  Thanks for the opportunistic infighting and platitudes, but none of that helps us who didn’t vote for him and ended up with him as a congressperson.  Now drive through.

Despite my funny feeling that Jefferson will be convicted on at least half a dozen counts, this is not monumental news.  So, please turn your attention back to our crime rate and preparedness (or lack thereof) for the current hurricane season.  We had a nice get-on-Jordan-and-Riley momentum going; let’s not lose it.  Citizen activism has lots to do with changing the things we can.

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