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Day 640: Nagin’s State Of The City Address

Not wanting to give myself a headache on top of the existing one, I declined showing up at the D-Day Museum this evening for Mayor Ray Nagin’s State Of The City address, completely last-minute and his first since right after the flood.

No, Mark Folse, you will not be stuck with the mere account of the Times Pravda, Alan Gutierrez, of Think New Orleans and the Citizens’ Road Home Action Team, uses Twitter to keep us updated on the mayor’s speech. Think of Twitter as the blogging equivalent of IM (instant messaging). I look forward to dissections from other SOTC attendees in the coming days.

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We are way, way, WAY past the point of needing Nagin to “know” that we are “waiting for him to speak more forcefully”. We are at the point now, I believe, when Nagin needs to know that he will be recalled if he doesn’t fire Warren Riley immediately. That might get his attention … Expecting that this “State of the City” speech will mean something, that it will be full of specific promises that Nagin will fulfill is pure folly. It may have some soaring rhetoric, as did last year’s inaugural, but so effing what?

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