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Day 548: Viva Los Interwebs!

Microsoft’s ‘dirty tricks’ archive turns into hot Torrent

The material needs to find a home in a academic institution, which has the time to curate it, check for completeness, and put the material in context. And ideally this should be in a region beyond US jurisdiction – if there are any such places this side of Jupiter. (Perhaps the Gates Foundation can recommend somewhere) … For now, however, Bittorrent appears to be doing the job for which it was designed.

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  • mominem February 28, 2007, 11:44 PM

    Most if not all of the Iowa consumer litigation archive web site was downloaded and is saved, if not yet publicly available yet at the Internet legal site Groklaw. Within minutes of first word of the settlement reaching the site volunteers began downloading all of the files.

    Some of them had disappeared for the Internet following the Microsoft Anti Trust trial, including the video of Bill Gates deposition.

    The documents are all public record on file with the court and haven’t been sealed. The original bit torrent is incomplete, some of the daily transcripts are missing from it.

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