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Day 499: Spin The Triangle Of Misdirection

nola.com: Mayor and Police Chief To Announce New Crime Initiatives

Mayor Ray Nagin and Police Chief Warren Riley … plan to address the public on the recent rash of violent crimes at a 5 p.m. news conference, according to City Hall. [They] will be joined by District Attorney Eddie Jordan, criminal and juvenile court judges, the City Council and other community leaders to outline initiatives to address the crime rate in New Orleans.

The news conference will be held in the 2300 Block of Fourth Street at South Liberty and LaSalle Street, the site of the year“s first murder.

The site of the year’s first murder – that clause alone made me shake my head. Why the site of the year’s first murder? Does a photo op or token symbology even matter at this juncture? If you’ve got something to say, just say it without the production. City leaders, my eye, they’re nothing but dirty, rotten politicians who are on in 10, 9, 8 …

Update: I was right not to expect much of that dog-and-pony show. The “official” solution: sheriff’s deputies riding in NOPD squad cars, involve the clergy, random drug & alcohol checks between 2 and 6 am and more police cameras. And Mary Landrieu’s request for increased FEMA involvement? They’ve done enough harm in this city, thanks much.

Community policing works, but New Orleans needs coherent communities and our criminal justice system’s acknowledgment of the need for change to actualize such a solution. How about this: Implement it in the Sliver and hope it catches in recovering neighborhoods?

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