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Day 479: Unless A Laptop And Reliable Wireless Fall From The NE Wisconsin Sky

Early tomorrow morning, I leave for the Great Unwhite North, where I don the awaiting black snowsuit (consider it protection for my south-thinned blood) and head to the hallowed halls of football at Lambeau Field. It may just be Brett Favre’s last game in that stadium, in which case I will be present to bid my imaginary boyfriend a fond fare-thee-well.

Blogging is bound to be light when the non-existent DSL of northeastern Wisconsin, D’s family’s holiday food, Tom & Jerrys, good friends and old haunts are all a part of the same equation. This past year has been exciting and challenging, what with many of us returning home (yay!) to the ongoing and active love-hate relationship we enjoy with this city, and I’m glad to have travelled through it with many of you. If you are staying in town, please enjoy the great weather for me. Should your holidays take you elsewhere, be safe and take a lot of pictures. Like I do.

A & M, The 'Shroom-Nosed Reindeers
M & A, The Button-Mushroom-Nosed Reingirls

The Great Spirit Of O’Hare willing, I should be back here on the day after Christmas, to blog my little heart out about something or the other. Check back in, will you?

Until then, from the top of the Mississippi River to the bottom, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and A Cheerful Kwanzaa to all of you! Peace.

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  • Dr. A December 21, 2006, 9:44 AM

    Happy Holidays to you and all your family and friends in Wisconsin, Maitri!
    Stay safe and warm! Maybe you can go sled riding for me! (just realized this week that I haven’t been in about 19 years – the amount of time I’ve lived here!)

  • Michael December 21, 2006, 10:27 PM

    Have fun in the Badger state…one of these days, I might go back myself (actually, in conversation with a fellow former Madisonian, we discussed a future rondevouz at any number of locations near Elizabeth Link Peace Park)…

    But only between summer solstice and autumnal equionx, in my case. I think my blood thinned to below-the-snow-line viscosity within nano-seconds of returning home. Skiing? Sure…as long as it’s from the back of a boat.

    I do kick myself, though, for never attending a game at Lambeau. Rode by it on a motorcycle in (the summer of) 1992, but alas, watched Packer games either at home or at Amy’s Cafe on Gilman St.

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