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This is the blog of Maitri Erwin. I am a geoscientist, chair of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Women’s Network, publisher of MaitriLAB and Back Of Town, advisor to Project Gutenberg, and Green Bay Packers football fan. More in About. Here is where you can find me. Blog posts follow below.


  • SEG Women In Geophysics podcast – TBA
  • Geophysical Society of Houston Women’s Networking Event, May 25, 2016
  • SEG Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX – October 16-21, 2015



My father just returned from a short trip to Chennai. Dad had the opportunity to meet a lot of people this time and, as curious Indian uncles and aunties are wont to do, a number of them asked him what his kids do in the United States. That his daughter is a geophysicist who works on highly technical, multi-million-dollar oil exploration projects at a multinational firm was often met with a mix of awe and incredulity. “You know, because the concept is alien to many of them.” The concept here being a brown Indian woman in a male-dominated profession in a male-dominated company in a foreign land. What made jaws drop more was Dad’s explanation that I was always adventurous and that my progressive mother and he encouraged it. Quel scandale. 

 A few thoughts: 

 1) He was talking to educated folks in a country that values education. You have to know what a geophysicist is before you can display the requisite amazement and discomfiture at a career woman version thereof, amirite? Jokes aside, this is the same society that proudly prints hard-won tertiary degrees on the wedding invites of their female children while the number of Indian women with great power and responsibility only increases. Yet, as these kanchipuram-clad ladies who famously placed a spacecraft in Mars orbit will attest, “female scientists who make it in their fields do so despite massive resistance, often from their own mentors and colleagues.” And families and communities that want them to be educated, but only so much. 

 2) Forget geophysics and ladder climbing when you lack basic agency, the most fundamental dominion over your own body in your country. India just banned the showing of the documentary on the 2012 gang rape and murder of Jyoti “Nirbhaya” Singh, while the state of Maharashtra made illegal beef slaughter and consumption. Beef eating = bad, misogyny and sticking head in sand over India’s rape problem = good. The safety and autonomy of a cow are more important than that of a woman. 

 3) Things are only slightly better on this landmass. Female physicists and engineers are a minority in Houston, and I’ve received many a “You’re a geophysicist?” look at my favorite restaurant down the road. In many states, rabid dogs and feral cats enjoy more compassion than black people and women, and do not get me started on “legitimate rape.” 

This is why the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Women’s Network and similar groups that highlight the issues of working women and offer support and mentoring are critical. Quite often, it’s not about how women get a seat at the table and grow, but having to explain our very existence and capability.

Incidentally, Nirbhaya means “without fear.” A world without fear. Me of you. You of me.


Ok, it’s time to push the big blue bear down the page.

Programming note: We here at VatulBlog World HQ are still lying on the floor in the fetal position reeling from the decision made by the Green Bay Packers not to play the last five minutes of the NFC Championship against the Seattle Seahawks. Yup, this hurts a lot more than 4th and 26. We could have been a contender. We could have been somebody. Oh well, lots more time for the boys to settle Catan. Who me? Bitter? Noooo.



2015 marks the 200th birthday of the geologic map as we know it. Nice of Ars Technica to note this.

Like me, Shell’s John Hofmeister thinks the price of oil will be back up by the end of this year. How about a little less volatility this time around?

Another lesson to learn this cycle is not to fire new graduates and emerging leaders. Now is precisely when to get rid of expensive dead weight and invest in training and leadership. When oil rebounds and companies are looking to fill junior positions, petro-technical graduates that oil and gas demanded and who were then left out to dry will have left for other industries.

Anadarko’s Red Hawk deepwater platform will be decommissioned and turned into a reef. Topsides goes to shore for storage until it’s either reused or scrapped. (Thanks, NOLADishu!)

Gizmodo | The mysterious origin of 21 tech terms

Rock-Head Sciences | So, what’s it like to work as a geologist behind [an onshore water] drilling rig?

At least with the former industry, you will be dealing with clean water, so you may still look and feel like you just mud-wrestled a gator, but at least you just smell like your deodorant gave up a few hours ago, rather than the lovely “perfume” of gasoline or creosote that you will share with those who pass by.

The world’s simplest primer on Principal Component Analysis

This is Carnival season. The next few MaitriLAB posts will be costumes, fabulous costumes. NOLA Defender gives you the art and science of glue gunning.


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