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Day 331: City Rebuilding Essay Contest

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  1. Greater New Orleans Foundation
  2. Bring New Orleans Back
  3. City Planning Commission
  4. New Orleans Community Support Foundation
  5. Unified New Orleans Plan
  6. City Works
  7. Concordia Architecture & Planning
  8. New Orleans ACORN
  9. Neighborhoods Planning Network
  10. Various neighborhood associations and their recovery plans

If you leave me a medium-length and to-the-point essay expositing how all of these organizations are related to one another in the New Orleans rebuilding process, along with their relative importance in the overall scheme of things and deadlines, I will bake you a delicious batch of brownies.

Feel free to add any players I may have left out, but are not to leave out any listed above. Flowcharts earn extra chocolate chips and other surprise goodies. (We live in New Orleans where good food goes far.)

New Orleans and the rest of the confused nation thank you in advance.

“My thoughts are, we’re going to get somebody who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to rebuilding cities.” — George w. Bush in Biloxi, MS . 09/02/2005, on how the rebuilding of New Orleans might commence.

Update: Markus made me a flowchart and it is the most head-shakingly appropriate and funny thing I’ve seen in a while. Please check it out. For this, he doesn’t get brownies but kheer/paayasam. The brownies are still available for the one with the essay.

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  • Let me know if this helps:


  • I hope you have your apron ready

  • D

    do you think $6100 for every man, woman and child in metro NOLA would help? Or maybe “W” (as in WANKER) should buy some of these instead????

    The President’s New Helicopter

  • $6.1-billion for a Presidential Helicopter makeover? When we’re bankrupt? Please don’t bring this up when FEMA wants to reduce emergency subsidies from $2000 to $500 per household.

    As you say, the new copters will be at least 200 sq feet, a FEMA trailer is 240.

    You’re right – I shouldn’t have read your comment. Not today.

  • Julie

    “The fold-down stair spares the president from ducking during photogenic entrances and exits.”

    Well God forbid THE PRESIDENT would have to duck during photo ops!

    How can the terrorists take us seriously when our leader can’t even exit
    his aircraft without DUCKING?

    Clearly your priorities are misplaced.

  • Ughh. Is it any wonder that I’m feeling so icky? I may have to resume my news embargo until I feel better, ’cause stuff like this ain’t helping. But I applaud Markus for his truly brilliant illustration.

  • My medium-length essay is more than one word, but less than three:

    “We’re f**ked!”

    Okay, it looks better than that, but only because the mayor’s office isn’t in the list.

  • The MAyors office is on the list..it is just hiding

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