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[Rocktivity] Gearing up for Fall 2018 Geo-Events

Since my last post, I am now officially First Vice President of the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH), and my talk abstract was accepted for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Annual Meeting 2018 special session on Geophysicists In The Workforce: Challenges, Trends & Future Outlook. It has also been a pleasure to get to know Carla Arimont and her management consulting team at Lincoln Leadership Advisors (LLA) and Elena Dutcher, Houston Chair of the SEG Emerging Professionals International Committee (EPIC). Together with these fine women, GSH and SEG will put on two career mobilization events in Houston and at the SEG Annual Meeting in Anaheim, respectively.

The following are September and October events I am hosting and/or participating in, in the Houston area and at the SEG Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California. A lot of thought and planning went into each one of these offerings and they are very fairly priced, so YOU should be there!

  1. GSH Tech Breakfasts | Discriminating between Commercial and Residual Hydrocarbon Saturation by Integrating Prestack Seismic and Controlled Source Electromagnetic Data by Pedro Alvarez of RSI | September 4 and 5 | Houston, TX | Register here: North West
  2. Build Your Professional Brand over a fine glass of wine | A collaboration among GSH Diversity & Women, SEG’s Emerging Professionals International Committee, SEG Women’s Network and Lincoln Leadership Advisors | September 11 | Sable Gate Winery, Houston, TX | Register
  3. GSH Tech Lunches | Human Capital in a World of Analytics and Big Data in Exploration Workflows by Katya Casey of Actus Veritas | September 18, 19 and 20  |  Houston, TX | Register here: West Downtown North
  4. SEG Fall Icebreaker | St. Arnold Brewing Co.| September 27 | Houston, TX | Register
  5. GSH-Houston Geological Society Joint Dinner | Discovery and Delineation of SNE Field, Offshore Senegal by Igor Effimoff | October 8 | Houston, TX
  6. Eighth Annual SEG Women Networking Event | Anaheim Convention Center | October 15 | Anaheim, CA | Info
  7. SEG Annual Meeting Career Workout course hosted by SEG Women and Lincoln Leadership Advisors | Anaheim Convention Center | October 16 | Anaheim, CA | Register
  8. SEG Annual Meeting Special Session | Geophysicists In The Workforce: Challenges, Trends & Future Outlook | Anaheim Convention Center | October 16 | Anaheim, CA | Info

Below are advertisements (in their various versions) for the events listed above. Please help GSH, SEG and me by sharing these with your geo-friends far and wide. If you are in Houston or Anaheim at any of these times, come on down!

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