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After Hurricane Harvey: Resources, Maps, Links


  • FEMA.gov Harvey resources 
  • FEMA Mobile App
  • Texas Muck Map connecting people with flooded homes with clean-up volunteers
    “If your house got flooded during the storm, then it might need to be mucked. Mucking means activities like removing wet carpets, flooring, dry wall, mud, or other items to prepare a flooded home for drying out and renovations.”
  • Houston Food Bank Help feed hungry Houstonians when they need it the most!
  • Texas Diaper Bank  Collecting baby items, diapers, and incontinence supplies.
  • Please don’t forget feminine hygiene products and UNEXPIRED baby food and formula in your relief packs. It boggles the mind that we have to remind grown people not to dump expired goods.
  • IHaveFoodINeedFood.com Connecting chefs, commercial kitchens and food suppliers with shelters and services who need meals.
  • Volunteer for High Water Rescue
  • If you NEED High Water Rescue
  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund at the Greater Houston Community Foundation 501(c)(3) organization
  • If you wish to donate your time, “The Red Cross says it needs volunteers at its shelters across the city, but don’t plan on just showing up to the George R. Brown Convention Center. Volunteers must fill out registration forms online and typically hear back from Red Cross in 24 to 36 hours. Those who are approved must commit to ten days of work. Places like the Houston Food Bank, Catholic Charities and Convoy of Hope also require registration.” [Houston Press]

Please help me gather more links in comments to this post. Thank you, Chuck Cook, for providing several of the local aid links.



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