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Eleven years after Katrina

August 29th, 2016. It’s 2016 and this country still hasn’t figured out that the disaster is never the event itself, but everything that happens or doesn’t in the aftermath.

Losing their homes will be the least of the worries of East Baton Rouge residents.  New Orleans Advocate | Insurance concerns: Half the flooded East Baton Rouge homes not in ‘high-risk’ areas

If you’re a homeowner in any of these fifty United States and haven’t purchased flood insurance in the last week, you’re not paying attention.

Humans are remarkably forgetful creatures. This amnesia is great for protection from continued trauma, but, boy, do we ever repeat history and in bad ways.

Once it “fell apart over Cuba,” I let go of worrying that TD9 was heading right for us. I let go more often now, but can never forget.

Brett Anderson | Louisiana loses its boot

Our fate is your fate.

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