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I’m On Undersampled Radio Podcast This Week!

Earth rocks, rock ‘n’ roll, on the rocks. All Rock Spoken Here.

Matt Hall and Graham Ganssle had me on as their guest on Episode 17 of Undersampled Radio. In Rock Women Rock!, we talked about the future of energy and the exploration industry, women in geophysics and public domain publishing. Next month, I will be on a podcast on women in applied geophysics with Andrew Geary of the SEG.


The Society of Exploration Geophysicists 2017 Election is underway with two accomplished female presidential candidates: Anna Shaughnessy and Nancy House. But, wait, there’s more: Manika Prasad is running for vice president! Anna, Manika and Nancy are my friends, mentors and advisors on the SEG Women’s Network Committee. SEG members, please don’t forget to vote before July 31st!

A good year for women in the leadership of the Geophysical Society of Houston as well. The wonderful Amy Rhodes is now President, with Lisa Buckner as 1st vice president, Neda Bundolo as Secretary, Edith Miller as Treasurer and Katherine Pittman as 2nd Vice President Elect. I’ve known Lisa and Edith for years in various SEG capacities and glad they now have an opportunity to lead in the societies they helped build. Good luck to all!

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