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Friday Rocks

Disaster flicks exist so I can poke holes in their (geo)science. From The Geology of Godzilla, in which Andrew Alden explores the minuses and plus points of the classic 1954 edition of Godzilla:

Trilobites and dinosaurs never coexisted: The last species of trilobite perished at the end of the Permian Period 252 million years ago, long before any of the large dinosaurs came to be. But trilobites are probably the only small fossil creature that the average person recognizes.

… [However,] Professor Yamane was a realistic scientist, within the fictional bounds of “Gojira.” There was nothing of the Euro-American style “egghead” stereotype. He calmly presented his audience with physical samples, chemical evidence, journal papers and sound logic. He didn’t fling his arms around and shout; there was no preposterous “AHA!” display.

Yeah, I’m going to be first (fifteenth, more realistically) in line to catch my favorite kaiju in action again!



Deepest-diving sub implodes in Kermadec trench

Asphalt Volcanoes in the Gulf of Mexico! (h/t, NOLADishu)

The Tectonic Evolution of St. Croix: Implications for Tectonics of the Northeastern Caribbean

And why do I post about the tectonics of the NE Caribbean? Here’s a taste of a future post or two:

Great Harbour
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