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Carnival 2014 and A New Responsive Blog Theme

Carnival 2014 and A New Responsive Blog Theme post image

My Carnival 2014 roundup post is up over at a newly revitalized MaitriLAB. Check it out!


On a programmatic note, both VatulBlog and MaitriLAB are now powered by the Pearsonified skin released recently by DIYThemes. Some of you ask me about the point of paying for a WordPress blog theme, when there are so many great free ones to choose from. As internet browsing shifts to mobile devices more and more each day, I desire a theme/skin that is truly responsive and looks good across all devices from a large monitor to the smallest smartphone. There is nothing more frustrating internet-wise than starting to read something on your phone only to find half the content obscured or chopped off completely. The investment truly paid off, however, over the last couple of nights when DIYThemes tech support came through on some issues immediately, both via Twitter and email. While I believe that free services should not mean mediocre services (talking to you, Google), I’d rather pay someone even the tiniest bit of money to provide the service of fixing a problem in a relatively quick and painless manner.

Spring has sprung! Well, at least on my blogs.

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