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A Suitable Replacement For Google Reader

A Suitable Replacement For Google Reader post image

At long last, I’ve added a new sidebar widget (look there –>) that once again allows me to share interesting articles from my feedreader in the form of a list. Ever since Google shelved Reader earlier this year, I went through Feedly, Flipboard, Fzzzt, Furwhumpl, Fediddr and finally found and settled on TheOldReader. It’s the closest thing to, well, the old Reader with a simple user interface, minimalist display and, most importantly, the ability to mark and share (even if it does take up to a day to show up in the sidebar here). From chatting with support staff on Twitter, it looks like they’re still ironing out glitches, but are very responsive and encourage users to suggest features that are then prioritized and released in pretty short order. For instance, I requested a browser bookmarklet to share any article I come across online, not just ones from feeds to which I’m subscribed, and am told it’s on its way.


Crows are in the news again, pesky yet awesome creatures that they are. From my feedreader, how a corvid brain works and a really cool video of a crow that uses a jar lid to go snowboarding. It’s my seasonal gift to you. Also, thanks, Baltimore! That was one hell of a field goal.

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  • Matteo December 19, 2013, 7:44 PM

    Hi Maitri

    This is by far the best news in December. With Google Reader gone, keeping up had been a sore spot for me for over a year. Great job!

  • Fernando Enrique Ziegler January 8, 2014, 11:01 AM

    The Old Reader brings back the great user interface that Google Reader had four/five years ago. The only thing now is getting users back. With Google Reader, I would follow quite a few people who would share some great things. With The Old Reader now, my “professional” account follows three people and my “personal” account follows six or seven. Maybe with time.

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