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Sick and Better

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Amazing. Two weeks to the day after losing my voice, it is back completely. On my way to the doctor, a friend told me not to bother as “it’s a 14-day thing that’s going around in the south” and will disappear on its own with rest and hydration. Who ever heard of a two-week virus? “The number shall be fourteen, no more, no less. Twelve is right out.” This makes me wonder if viruses operate on a lunar cycle and watch Monty Python.

Sick days are lost on me, because I sleep in for a few hours longer and then I’m AWAKE with no place to go. I organized and posted photographs from our trip to Las Vegas and its PINBALL museum! Behold.




I had to be dragged out of there by more adept gamers than me! Think a field trip back to the museum with a leader, field guides and frequent stops is in order. Let me know if you’re interested.

We went to the Mob Museum, too. It was alright. Everything comes back to New Orleans (and India), people.

With little to no appetite for anything more than hot toddies (lots and lots of honey and lemon), I managed also to document How To Make Adai at MaitriLAB. Now I’m hungry.

As is glaringly obvious, the logo for MaitriLAB needs work, which means photography and Photoshopping, which in turn requires a certain level of competence on my part with respect to brain and eye focus and coordination. The Parament WordPress theme works for now in that it is relatively quick and easy to tweak and stays out of the way. I’d rather use Minimatica as a one-shot, browsable portfolio that the user sees upon landing on the site instead of yet another workout on the index-finger treadmill. All was fine until the fourth post, and the very first post at any given time began to show up twice and only in Gallery view. I’ve examined the theme’s files and an email to One Designs has gone unheeded. Themes aren’t very critical, but it’s a how-to blog with pictures where form, function and content are priorities.

It’s 80 degrees and sticky here. It’s 30 and dropping up north. Driving in a winter wonderzoo!

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