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Attrition Is Too Nice A Word

Attrition Is Too Nice A Word post image

Mass wasting is more like it.

NOLADishu points me to a presentation given by Shell’s Donal Rajasingam at this year’s Tulane Engineering Fair. Within a pretty good collection of statistics on increasing energy demands and aging infrastructure, the above set of graphs on energy talent supply stands out. We don’t have enough people now, so who’s going to work the problem later?

The graph on the bottom left is one I consider even more troubling. What it shows you is that with the growing global demand for PE graduates, the gap between the number of all graduates and high-quality ones is increasing. I believe the same goes for the geosciences, considering the geology and geophysics MS factories I observe in the south. We cannot afford to take just anyone with a geo or engineering degree and, in most cases, we don’t. But, what will we do in the upcoming pinch?

What’s the old saying? “We offer three kinds of service: Good, Cheap, Fast. You get to pick two.” I think we’ll be lucky to get one.

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