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Photo Gallery: Central & Coastal California Sedimentology & Stratigraphy Field Trip 1996

The following are pictures I took on a week-long sedimentology and stratigraphy field trip through central and coastal California led by Professors Steve Altaner, Ronadh Cox and Steve Graham back in 1996. We started in an ophiolite complex in the Sierra Nevadas, drove through submarine fan sequences in the Great Valley and examined the rocks of the Franciscan subduction complex as well as coastal erosional and depositional processes. The trip ended with turbidites (Bouma sequences) near Monterey and some surface expressions of the San Andreas Fault Zone.

For educational purposes, these photos have been published copyright-free into the public domain. Clicking on a thumbnail takes you to larger version and a description. Right-click on the larger image to view the original JPEG file and download it. If you have further information on what you see in this gallery, please leave a comment below.

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