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Joyeux Mardi Gras!

Joyeux Mardi Gras! post image

Friend of a friend was walking down a New Orleans street last week when a woman stopped him to say, “I’m looking for the Mardi Gras.” Friend wished he had answered, “Duh. St. Claude and Dumaine.” Badumbum.

Even after a decade of being a part of Carnival, I stand amazed and awed by it all. At the start of every Krewe du Vieux second line, I spontaneously thank the universe for this opportunity. Thank you for this. Thank you for placing me right here right now. Nonesuch. None. Such.

However much I chide the city for its shortcomings, its importance and relevance only grows in my mind, especially during Carnival. What would you give for a place in time where your friends love you for who you are and not what you do, new friends invite you into their homes without question only to feed and dress you, your imagination takes life year after year and joy is there for the taking and giving? This is possible and right here on earth.

It’s totally about the costumes, beads, food and drink. And it’s much more than that. Next year, get that ticket in your hand.

Oh, and just in case you don’t understand the punchline of the first paragraph:

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