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This Blog Is Alright, I Promise

The infernal somewhat-hinky theme that you see here is what happens when you:

1) Don’t backup the files in your damned wp-content/uploads/ folder before attempting an on-the-fly wp-admin/media-upload.php fix and .htaccess replacement over FTP (Filezilla),

2) Swear to Yahweh that you told Filezilla to delete only the remote wp-admin folder, but somehow wp-content decided to leap off the bridge along with its brethren sucking all themes and uploaded images down with it,

3) Are super-smarty-pants diligent about backing up your database from time to time but forget that your images actually come from wp-content/uploads/, when not sourced from Flickr or the originating site,

4) Are a general pinhead who should not be allowed near a computer, leave alone blogging-software installation after a certain time of night. It’s the difference between this and this. Muddling through this stuff at midnight is not the same as doing it correctly, with diligence and attention, at say 7pm. I’d blame the glaring absence of Mountain Dew in this house if it weren’t for the fact that I gave it up after college, and

5) Think WordPress.org is the bomb, but their Flash-powered media uploader is a piece of poo that requires fiddling with .htaccess in the first place. (Don’t worry, n00bs, it works fine over at free WordPress.) And the fix is reinstalling the latest WordPress files from scratch after backing up the database!


All said, the worst case is that I’ve lost all most of the blog’s uploaded images and plugins that I will have to find and replace over time, the theme is rubbish again and the backup files are all over the place during this period of troubleshooting. What a pain. Learns me. But, by golly, I fixed the media-uploader.php problem! Scorched earth, but world peace! WHEEEE.

Ad so, the blog may have smoke coming out its backside, but I can now bring you this awesome picture of the President and First Lady enjoying a pint of the black stuff during their recent visit to Ireland. In under three seconds. Go O’Bama!


Regular programming to resume when I find a new theme that suits this stable and the decorator gives me a quote. Expect falling plaster.

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  • Blair May 24, 2011, 6:45 AM

    I don’t think she likes it!

  • Maitri May 24, 2011, 11:36 PM

    Michelle likes it fine; she was smiling earlier when she first took a sip. Now, she’s talking to someone. You know, making sure social obligations are met while her husband carouses. I wouldn’t know anything about it. :-)

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