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Winter Is Coming

For those of you watching or who intend to check out Game Of Thrones on HBO, Athenae is reviewing the seven hells out of the show over at First Draft. Something I’ve always appreciated about this woman is her ability to get right to the dragon cojones of the matter when other lesser writers simply show up to critique. Something.

[Spend] some time with the Lannisters and convince me that just because they don’t eat beating bloody stallion hearts, they’re any more gentle or high-minded. The contrast is there for a reason, because it’s a story about power, and sometimes your tribe isn’t who you think it is.

*swoon* Still, my major girl crush is reserved for Daenerys Targaryen, the khaleesi, the true dragon, the woman I wish would end the civil war and ride north against the wights beyond the wall. The way she almost orders her brother’s death; the acts she is yet to commit. How’s that for strong female characters to keep us women occupied during the show?

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