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Light posting ahead. A small battalion of the Packer Nation is upon us tomorrow for this weekend’s great, green and gold cheesapalooza ahead of the Superbowl. For the record, my house is going to sound like this for the next few days, ya hey dere. I love my people!

Except that no self-respecting cheesehead drinks Budweiser.

As is customary prior to a Big Game, fans exchange paeans, love songs and war chants penned and/or updated especially for the occasion. And now we have the internet to help hasten this pre-game soundtrack. Here’s a selection of what’s making the rounds on the cheesetube.

This ain’t a diss comment, Lil Wayne, but it’s green and GOLD. I know, I know, it’s a freestyle over Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow.” And you worked a nice, little, um, scatological Najeh Davenport reference in there. It’s all good. What matters is you’re a Packer fan and you’re from NEW ORLEANS. Peace.

Butch Vig and Duke Erikson of Madison band Garbage have updated Go Pack Go! I LOVE the new video. Remember, kids, Jesus drinks Old Style!

Oh, gosh darn it, don’tcha know, I’m a cheesehead, baby, the pride of Wisconsin! Somebody pass the cheese curds.

And, just in case we forgot:

GO PACK GO! Wooooohooooo! See you on Tuesday!

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