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Thank You, Donors Choose Participants!

As you can tell from the sidebar, the 2010 Science Bloggers For Students fundraising campaign is officially over. Anna Doherty of Donors Choose sent us some wonderful news today:

I wanted to send out a HUGE THANK YOU for all the awesome work that went into making Science Bloggers for Students a success.  472 citizen philanthropists contributed more than $36,000 to help more than 23,500 students yippee!

Ocean & Geo Bloggers readers contributed $3918 and YOU, my reader philanthropists, raised about $500 of that admirable amount. It simply amazes me how good we can be and that a simple $1.50 per child living in poverty can make the difference towards a better and slightly more equipped science education. All it takes is each of us pushing, giving, loving just a tiny little bit.

Wait, there’s more! Don’t forget the HP match and your gift cards. Anna continues:

The HP [dollar-for-dollar] match will be distributed shortly.  You“ll see the impact stats on the Science Bloggers for Students Motherboard take a big leap, and every donor who gave through the challenge will receive a unique philanthropic gift code to redeem on a DonorsChoose.org project of their choice.  I hope you“ll encourage your readers to use that code so the funds don’t go unused!

Your work is not done, rock stars. (Our work is never done.) And, after that, please continue to visit Donors Choose through your new accounts to give to any classroom of your choice.

Awesome science-loving friends and readers. I have them!

DonorsChoose Blog | Science bloggers helped oh-so-many students!

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  • liprap November 11, 2010, 8:38 PM

    Indeed, the work is never over. It was a kick getting that DonorsChoose email in the inbox. Now to figure out where it should go…

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