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The Plan

Nothing is going to significantly change in America in the next two years, ok?

I’m a football fan, remember? The gridiron gridlock. I can already feel it.

This is why I don’t care what happened last night as long as funding cuts to education are not carried out and science classrooms remain sacrosanct and supported at the state and local levels. Look, here’s what it comes down to:

You cannot have it both ways. You want sustainable and meaningful jobs that put us back on the path to American exceptionalism? Then don’t support the hatemongers who say evolution = liberalism, even and especially if they’re in your camp. It’s not meaningless noise; that drivel eventually trickles up, it hardens into policy and our country suffers. You want oil and gas for business and transportation preferably from this nation’s natural resources and strong research into energy alternatives? Then do not consort with those who equate faith and scientific inquiry when needlessly miscalculating the age of the earth just so your party wins elections. Don’t put them in a position to dictate terms to you.

Critical thinkers are the true salvation of this nation, not blind adherents to religion and ideology disguised as fiscal conservatives. So, in the name of our near-term and long-term future, don’t use the next two years to throw the baby out with the Bush-Obama bailouts or whatever it is that angers you TODAY. Religion has no business driving state matters just as much as the state should stay out of religious affairs. Let’s keep it that way.

We“re now on our final week of the Science Bloggers for Students donation drive. Help me move America forward, help us all do something truly positive by donating to impoverished classrooms this week. By the time they reach high school, many of our kids have never even seen a microscope, hand lens or chemistry set, while elementary school students in Spain, India and China learn physics and biology and world history. Yesterday, I received this note from a science teacher in a high-poverty Baltimore classroom:

Awesome! You guys ROCK!!!! I am so looking forward to getting these supplies in my room and teaching earth science like it should be! We are going to have pictures of all the experiments and investigations I have planned with these materials. Thank you again for being there for science teachers that want … no, REQUIRE, all the opportunities that our children need to be successful in their future endeavors!

This right here is what sets us apart from the apes in the trees, not the electoral hand-wringing and poo-flinging. Enough despair. This is part of the plan. Get on it.

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