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Crawfish Boil

*cough* What’s wrong with staring at a blank wall, between shots of DayQuil for a lingering cough, wondering which one of my prints will look good up there? What’s wrong with staring at a blank wall, I ask you? *sniff*

On Saturday, while not single-handedly driving up the stock value of Procter & Gamble, I attended a crawfish boil in honor of my friend’s daughter, who was in NOLA from the far reaches of New Brunswick (that’s an eastern-Canadian province for you geographically-disinclined). If you want to know what I did for a good portion of the time, please check out Instructions On Eating Crawfish And Passing A Good Time. Notice that we don’t have a good time down here, we pass one.

BTW, this study is complete bollocks. *achoo*

Bruno's Crawfish Boil, Spring 2005
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