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“You’re Telling Me That’s In The First Amendment?”

Do you know what politicians and priests are? Middlemen. Do you know what really efficient organizations do? Get rid of middlemen or give them a chance to do real work. For us, that would mean reading our social contracts and holy books and figuring out their contents ourselves without the aid of some phony who offers to advocate on our behalf. That would be real revolution, with the minimum requirements of honesty and basic reading comprehension.

Please donate to my DonorsChoose campaign to raise funds for low-income science classrooms. Please help keep critical thinking and real revolution alive. A hearty Thank You to all who have given so far.

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  • Cousin Pat from Georgia October 20, 2010, 8:55 PM

    Even more disturbing is watching every right-winger leap to her defense, claiming that it was the Democratic candidate who got the Constitution wrong. And this ain’t an Andrew Breitbart-style video remix either, this is them watching the actual tape of O’Donnell faceplant multiple times, and declaring her the winner.

    Y’all Badger fans better watch out. Next thing you know, Ohio State will start telling people their football team is undefeated, scoreboard be damned.

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