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Thanks, Columbus.

Some Guy With A Website:

Last week, the Canadian branch of Campbell’s Soup announced that they were making the horrific, outrageous decision to create a product that would appeal to tens of thousands of consumers. As you know, nothing gets in the way of capitalism so the right wing would be thrilled about this venture into oh man I almost had you there.

Fifteen percent of Americans are living in poverty, and there’s a call to stop eating soup because the company that makes it is trying to get more people to eat it. I’m worried about the death toll if someone ever declares that oxygen has a liberal bias.

This reminds me of the time back in the mid to late 80s when my mom suddenly couldn’t find her favorite hair color in stores because Clairol’s parent company at the time, Bristol Myers Squibb, made the horrible mistake of naming a Jewish CEO and/or manufacturing some of their products in Israel, so Kuwait halted all imports and outlawed Miss Clairol. America, please let’s get as dumb as the people we despise and see how far that takes us.


No Halal Soup For You is just as nauseating as this asshole who openly proclaims that he hopes “the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.” And the nation’s loud and proud secularists blog/tweet/scream not a damned thing about it, while the Christian right comes back with, “Nuh uh, it will be our flag.” Before wingnuts of all stripes and their media lapdogs quickly warp this narrative into the Christian vs. Muslim domination of America (and you get on a no-winning-side side of it), let us bring it back to what it ought to be – religious ideology vs. the founding principles and future relevance of this nation – and fight from there. See above paragraphs. I did not leave Kuwait for America only to witness the same ignorant, fundamentalist dick-measuring contest unfold here. So take your home-grown and imported zealotry and shove it. There is no room for it in civilization. Who’s with me?


Data converging rapidly to show that each time someone writes HERE IN AMERICA WE SPEAK ENGLISH, their next sentence will be grossly misspelled. I kin speek Merkin.

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