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Travel Bug

It has hit again. Conference and meeting travel doesn’t count. I can wreck my neck and hands while typing into a laptop and then trudge over to happy hour right here.

I also long for real outcrops. This last trip to Fort Collins afforded no time for a hike or even to touch a dipping sandstone for five minutes, to commune with the texture of its well-sorted quartz grains. See, I need a fix and quick.

You heard me, real outcrops. Not my yard’s glacial erratics or the painfully horizontal Mississippian argillaceous shale down the road. D keeps talking about a trip to Ireland this fall. One Precambrian marble in place. That’s all I ask for. Like this one. Never mind that it’s as far away from Dublin that you can get in Ireland.

Folded Marble, County Donegal (courtesy of Ulster Museum)

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  • Anita Cage September 14, 2010, 6:15 PM

    Go, Matri! I love it that you need you some rocks. I love ’em, myself.

    I once climbed down the bank of the Snake River and filched the biggest river rock I could carry and brought it home to New Orleans in a carry-on because we don’t have rocks here. I’m sure you noticed that.

    While you are a scientist and have a professional interest in the matter, I think I also recognize a kindred love of rock for its own sake. Who knew one semester of Rocks for Jocks would leave me with a crush on John McPhee and the world’s tiniest Wyoming basalt boulder in my garden!

    Folded Marble. Clearly you must go.

  • Maitri September 15, 2010, 9:44 AM

    Anita, I just love rocks. Your Snake River story reminds of the time I found a large-baby-sized boulder of Precambrian Baraboo quartzite (with gorgeous ripple marks intact) near Ableman’s Gorge in Wisconsin. It was freezing but I took my sweatshirt off, wrapped the rock with it and hauled it uphill across contour for more than a couple of miles back to the vehicle. The quartzite sample still sits in my old landlord’s yard in Madison and I have vowed to reclaim it this Christmas.

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