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Rising Tide Conference 5

It has indeed been almost five years since The Storm.

Rising Tide 5

The fifth annual Rising Tide conference on the recovery and future of New Orleans will take place on Saturday, August 28th at the Howlin Wolf in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mac McClelland, human rights reporter for Mother Jones and bad smartass or is it smart badass, will be keynote speaker. After a day of discussions on politics, crime, the environment and the levees, the conference will end with me moderating a panel on the HBO show Treme. I know, Sweet Baby FSM help us all. Did I mention the bar opens at 9am?


A Howling In The Wires book launch and reading: It looks like I am going to be published again, but not in a science journal. Consider me equal parts honored and mortified.

Gallatin & Toulouse Press announces the publication of A Howling in the Wires: An Anthology of Writings from Postdiluvian New Orleans. This collection combines the vivid post-Katrina experiences captured by the best New Orleans bloggers with the work of traditional writers from the same period, cataloging some of the best-written and most powerful reactions of the people who experienced Katrina.

The original announcement to the trade is heavy with established writers. Bloggers include Clifton Harris, Ray Shea, Maitri Erwin, Troy Gilbert, Tim Ruppert, Peter Athas, Greg Peters, Sam Jasper, Ashley Morris and others. Cover by Greg Peters. Sam Jasper and Mark Folse, editors with much assistance from Ray Shea. Proceeds from the book will be donated to Hana Morris.

The book launch will be Thursday, August 26th at Mimi“s in the Marigy in New Orleans. Conveniently, that’s two days before Rising Tide.

Update: You can now purchase the book at Amazon.com Alibris.com


Back Of Town: The Treme blog is on hiatus (sorta) after Season 1, but will be filled with posts during and following the Rising Tide conference. I still have no idea when the second season is set to air, but expect the gang back in full regalia when it does.

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  • Mark Folse August 21, 2010, 11:00 AM

    WAIT! The terms for small publishers at Amazon are so ruinous, we will lose money on every book sold. It will not be shipping out of Amazon.

    Please visit gallatin-and-toulouse-press.com or Alibris.com (who treat small publishers right) to order your copy of A Howling in the Wires. And thanks to Maitri for sharing her words. All net proceeds from this book go to Hana Morris, widow of contributor Ashley Morris.

  • bayoucreole August 25, 2010, 10:23 AM

    Are they going to have any available for purchase Thursday?

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