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You’re In The Airwaves Now, Karl Haas

Legendary host of the classical music program Adventures In Good Music, Karl Haas, died earlier this month. This is a note I received from Eric R. regarding the loss:

I’m sorry that Thompson“s death has made you so sad; I forget that you liked him. I heard something very sad today too. I logged onto the local NPR playlist to note some music I heard yesterday and learned that Karl Haas died earlier this month. Apparently they have been replaying Adventures in Good Music archival material and I missed the depressing news.

Our networks will regale us endlessly with Paris Hilton“s expandable/slammable twat, Michael Jackson“s whittled nose up the ass of some gold-digger“s son, and Howard Stern broadcasting through his anus but not an overt word about one of the few truly innovative Disc Jockeys in America who, for over 30 years, used the medium for something other than mouth farts for the masses.

Haas was heir to the best of the Occidental spirit, and truly made it our own with all the leisurely charm of a culture now decidedly alien to the general public, and apparently relegated to pockets and byways sheltering bravely from the obscene roar of hunched moron satyrs in seemingly endless droves who drag ham-fisted knuckles through the same dreary, uncouth spectacle day-in/day-out.

Being an animal never got you so far. But even the apes have manners, and some of them are even nice … just ask good ol“ Jane and poor Diane.

If all of the true heroes are dying off leaving the rest of us in a growing morass of tedium, what are we going to do? It is up to each and every one of us to uphold the best of the human spirit and create our own legends.

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