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Day 85 OilSpill: Disaster Pr0n Now In 3D HD

In which we find out that the methane is just the farts of the Decepticons submerged at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico who were getting bored of waiting to take over the world once again so they ordered out for Taco Bell.

No, don’t read that. Read this: The Gulf of Mexico spill is bad enough without turning it into a disaster movie

The idea that there is a huge, continuous, high pressure reservoir of [methane] gas beneath the sea floor, just waiting to explode, is fundamentally mistaken. If there was, do you think BP would drill through a vast, easily obtainable hydrocarbon resource to get to a more technically challenging reserve?

… This doesn’t mean the methane being released from the leaking well isn’t worrying: in fact, it’s potentially a huge ecological problem for the Gulf of Mexico. Bacteria in the water column will happily respire it and use up all the oxygen, creating the ˜dead zones“ we“re hearing so much about. Seriously, isn’t reality bad enough? Do we really need to pretend we“re in a Michael Bay movie?

I point this out, of course, to dispel myths, promote facts, promote sound policies at all levels, etc. etc.

And still haven’t forgiven Pierce Brosnan for Dante’s Peak.

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