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Day 60 Until It’s Gone

I think of Gulf oysters now and start to fret and crave them more than ever before. For someone who would get nausea on the mere mention of fish and shellfish as a child, raw oysters with hot sauce and fried oyster po’ boys are now a sublime delicacy and this is thanks to the sheer wholesome marvelousness of the Gulf oyster. D and I are heading to New Orleans in August for Rising Tide V and I was hoping to hit Elizabeth’s for one of my favorite dishes: Eggs Florentine with fried oysters. In the immortal words of Bender the robot, “Me thinks we be boned.”

The Advertiser | BP oil spill may be demise of oyster industry

It’s not just food. It’s a way of life. Take pride in what you eat.

I Will Forever Crave Elizabeth's Egg Florentine

I will forever crave Elizabeth's Eggs Florentine

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