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Day 46 Links

The LMRP tophat is in place. Closing the vents in the cap is slow going with the formation of hydrates and high flow pressure out of the well. Indeed, we are still watching and discussing.

The Oil Drum | Lessons Left Unlearnt From 2003 Gulf of Mexico Near-Spill: “Reading through some MMS reports, it seems that near-misses happen a lot.”

A good maritime law blog on the legal machinations surrounding the oil spill. As Brad says, “He begins each day with a summary of the relevant legal developments pertaining to the spill, then expands on them individually and includes hyperlinks to underlying documents.”


So, this has been puzzling me for the last couple of days: Both IfItWasMyHome and Paul Rademacher offer the ability to overlay the latest geographic extent of the oil spill on a location of your choice. It’s a good exercise in geographic scale, but if they both source their data from NOAA on any given day, why do the maps look so different?

IfItWasMyHome.com June 4, 2010

Paul Rademacher Oil Spill June 3, 2010


Are the American people and media so naive that they cannot discern between disaster and disastrous response? How many times must these things happen before they get it? America, keep this in mind as you go into another weekend (and Pistolette sums it up very nicely): “I didn’t blame Bush for Katrina, but for failing to act after. I don’t blame Obama for the oil spill, but for failing to act after.” Disaster prevention is one thing, while effective response is wholly another.

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