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Day 43 PM Prepping For The LMRP

Live discussion of the video feed at FreeNode (Channel name: #theoildrum). It’s like watching the ADD-addled love child of Fark and the First Draft Crackvan, but stay with it. Like scattered tarballs from the oil volcano, bits of some of the most reliable information on the (pre-)LMRP operation make it to the surface.

For the best explanation of what BP is attempting this go-around, read this updated The Oil Drum post, complete with labeled diagrams of the riser-cutting process in preparation for the Lower Marine Riser Package cap. Yeah, the process that’s going to send a lot more oil gushing into the sea before they “sucessfully” lower the LMRP cap onto it. Forgive me if the current plan is prepared for this contingency, but what if the LMRP cap procedure fails and the flow rate of oil into the ocean is then increased as a result of cutting off the kinks in the riser? They then figure out how to cap it again? With what?

Someone’s making anagrams of the words Lower Marine Riser Package Cap. I think Geek worries maniacal crapper is my favorite.

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