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Day 39

The Firefly Principle: What happens on the Internet isn’t representative of real life.

The Flies To Carcass principle: What happens in Washington isn’t representative of real life, either.

“Obama’s Katrina” is nice, irrelevant pablum for folks who don’t (want to) understand the differences between natural and manmade disasters, who cannot tell apart hurricanes, failed levees, oil gushing into the Gulf from a yet uncapped well and what actually needs to be done on the ground.

Meanwhile, Louisiana’s representatives in Washington don’t have access to Washington right now, while the media and pundits talk about the problem in terms of political hay and re-electability quotients.

I’m going to be sick now. And nothing I feel can compare to or fix what those who live and work on the coast are going through. Wait until jobs remain lost along the coast and suicides and domestic violence go up, I am reminded.

Are we fixing the MMS, EPA, FEMA and Department of Energy yet? Do we have a solid government-industry consortium and emergency response plan for the next uncontrolled blowout yet? Until then, politicians and reporters can keep their mouths shut about this issue, unless they are asking and reporting on these questions. Until that time, Drew Carey had better not come to Cleveland and lecture City Council on how they need not know how to run schools and grocery stores when the free market should be hired to take care of it all. It’s all really nice if you live under a rock and don’t observe what happens “when big government AND small government AND free enterprise all fail catastrophically multiple times within the same decade.”

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