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Day 37 PM Top Kill Underway

This latest Top Kill procedure (see diagram here) had better work, despite the 50-50 odds. Ever seen a Hindu scientist cross herself? You have now. Hey, if it helps.

The Oil Drum is hosting a live Top Kill comments thread for those who want to discuss what’s going on. (Awww, they went and made a new post with fresh comments just for me.)

Some folks are getting tired of watching the underwater video with no sound. What did you expect? Steve Irwin reporting live from the rover for 24 to 48 hours? Turn on some Berlin or the soundtrack to The Life Aquatic if this bores you. Seriously, I urge you to stick with the video as long as possible to let them know we’re watching. We’re boned as it is, but if this fails … I don’t even want to think about it.

Update: What’s this about MSNBC experts saying there’s a second major oil plume and that BP is fixing the minor plume only, while hiding the real geyser? If they kill the well, there will be no more plumes.

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