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Buckle Up, Florida & East Coast

Here comes the Loop Current.

Marion Laney, a realtor on Dauphin Island, has uploaded the following video from the Ocean Circulation Group at University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science. It uses drifters tracked by satellite to follow and forecast the movement of the Gulf Gusher (note that this is based on one model, like in hurricane tracking). The modeled circulation resembles a starfish with two arms stretching south and eastward over time. If you think Louisiana’s problems are only in the Breton/Chandeleur area, though, check out that one arm circling the peninsula to the west and headed up towards Barataria Bay. Bad news.

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  • Anita Cage May 5, 2010, 10:44 AM

    Do you know anything about this: http://www.protecttheocean.com/gulf-oil-spill-bp/

    It sounds quite alarming and I wonder why it isn’t widely known, if it is true.

    Not that we needed any bad news.

  • Maitri May 5, 2010, 10:51 AM

    I’ve heard a bit about Corexit 9500. From what I’ve read, it has no effect on weathered oil, <50% effective on fresh oil and the water has to be at a certain temperature (around 50 degrees F) for it to break up an emulsion.

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