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National Football Conference Champions: New Orleans Saints

The New York Times | N.F.C. Championship Final: Saints 31, Vikings 28 (Overtime)

This win is for you, Professor Morris. Each time the Saints faltered, I touched the big fleur de lis on my shirt and said, “Come on, Ashley, give them a nudge.”  You came through.  You are our twelfth saint.  As an offering, I will make absolutely sure your friend and mine, Loki, is dressed as a Saintsation on Super Sunday and, if he reneges, drive down to Cincinnati and accost him with a wig and a tube of lipstick.

This Win's For You, Ashley Pompoms And All

I’m screaming for you and New Orleanians everywhere, big man. So loud and often and hours later that I am hoarse.  Trust me, when an avid football fan screams in Ohio farmland, she does make a sound.

Chicago Tribune | Super Bowl Matchup: New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts: A young kicker named Garrett Hartley is the most valuable person in New Orleans right now.  His kick sent the Saints to the Superbowl.  The Saints defense worked their butts off as well – according to my stats team (that would be D and @NOLADishu), the official #FavreOnTheGround count stands at 12.  To count, his ass had to make full contact with the turf and his eyes with the Superdome’s ceiling.  Pierre Thomas, Devery Henderson and Jonathan Vilma, good work.

The real credit for beating the Vikings, however, goes to Favre himself.  As a fiercely loyal Green Bay Packers fan and former Favre fangirl who suffered many a loss with him at my team’s helm, let me assure you that #4 did today what he does best in the post-season: throw grounders and interceptions at crunch time.  This game nicely encapsulated his career to date.  So, just you go ahead, sports media, and wipe, powder and kiss the Packers Jets Vikings Oh Who Knows Probably The Bears This Year quarterback’s tush before, during and after his LOSS.  There’s probably a special place in Hall of Fame Heaven reserved for your story of Aging Superhuman Reviled By Many.  Hell, it probably makes your ancient behinds feel good, too.  But don’t you ever insult your viewers and pretend you didn’t anticipate his loss.  And don’t you ever ignore a team and its quarterback through the entirety of a championship game only to wear its beads, talk of its city, sing its songs and praises (but not really) and party in its streets after it wins.  For marginalizing this New Orleans Saints team even when it wins, you’re on notice.  Especially you, Joe Buck.

Then again, I smile knowing that Jon Gruden cries himself to sleep tonight with an 8×10 glossy signed “Hugs & Kisses, Brett” on his bedside table.

NYTimes | Did The Officials Bungle The Game For The Vikings? Let’s not even talk about the reffing tonight.  I have no embolisms left.  If anything, the refs tried really hard to give the game to Jesus Brett, but the Saints prevailed.  So, so, so proud of Drew Brees and his great team.

NFC Champions 2010 - New Orleans Saints

New Orleans, you fill my heart and soul tonight.  I wish I could be there to celebrate with you Right Now, but it will have to wait until Thursday night when D and I arrive to walk in Krewe du Vieux once again.  Our theme this year is All Fired Up.  Now I wonder why we bothered making costumes when each one of us is going to combust between now and then.

Watch out, Miami, THE SAINTS ARE COMING!

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  • Clay January 25, 2010, 7:05 AM

    It’s going to be a hell of a Krewe du Vieux!

  • E.J. January 25, 2010, 9:57 AM

    As the big guy would say, we showed those fuckmooks! And damn don’t it feel good!

  • Clay January 25, 2010, 10:02 PM

    Dress is procured, with help from Candice. I’m a size 14 or 16 dress.

    Things that you never thought you’d need to know…

  • Maitri January 26, 2010, 8:55 AM

    Clay – Huh, I had you pegged for a 10 or 12. Let me guess, this dress is two sizes too big so you can be comfortable.

    EJ – You’d better come out to see us in Krewe du Vieux, baby! It feels gooood!

  • Clay January 26, 2010, 9:08 PM

    It’s actually a vintage dress from the 60’s, so we don’t quite know the size.

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