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Tweet Of The Day

A friend recently complained, “Yeah, I still read your blog, but it’s getting a little too techie for me.”  Say it isn’t so!  I thought I’d moved a lot of that writing over to VizWorld.  It is true that I haven’t written many posts of a general or personal nature lately, but that’s because a LOT has happened in the past year and I am nothing short of overwhelmed.  All you would get is garble while I slowly stir the inner oatmeal.

To jazz things up a bit, I’m starting a new VatulBlog segment called Tweet Of The Day.  Twitter is where all the interaction went, it seems, and I am a lot more me over there, almost everyday.   And I read some pretty original, bizarre, funny and poignant tweets almost everyday.  Share the wealth, I say!  So, here goes the first one, from New Orleanian crime watcher @robschafer:

Woman next door moved out but came back with a can of gas to torch her BF. Stood chatting with nabes while NOPD/NOFD sorted it all out.

Wow. You wanted not techie?  You got it!  With that, ladies and gentlemen, we conclude the inaugural broadcast of Tweet Of The Day.  Come back for more!

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