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12 Days Of Christmas – Desi Ishtyle

Welcome to the first of the twelve days of Christmas. The twelfth day of Christmas marks Epiphany, much more relevant to merrymakers worldwide as the start of Carnival season. See, this is how you keep that tree up until Lent. Just change out all the ornaments. Or pull off only the red baubles and replace them with purple ones. Never say I taught you nothing.

Anyway, back to the point of this post: variations on the yuletide video. All this twelve days of leaping and dancing is for the lazy vesterners, you know! This is how we do Christmas in the desh. With telemarketers, 7-11 workers, yoga and complaints of insufficient dowries. Touchdown! (Don’t let D in on the dowry bit. He didn’t get one.)

For more masala mayhem, look no further than Santa Singh getting his balle balle on over at Humid City. On with the Hostilidays, I say, even if Suspect D has won wins every year.

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