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Happy 40th Birthday, Internets!

Are you going to yell Kelly Clarkson! during your body wax?

Friend Michael Hart writes:

It all started 40 years ago today, when a couple of computers were connected by a long gray cable in order to pass some data.  The experiment was funded by the Advanced Projects Research Agency (ARPA) and the project was called the ARPANET.  By the end of the year, four sites were connected.  Today it’s hundreds of millions of computers and we call it the Internet.

Funny, I emailed Nat Geo on the 25th birthday, suggesting they do some kind of piece, even a map, but they were SOOO not interested back in the day.  Now National Geographic has a story and some video.

Wikipedia has a nice timeline for the ARPANET.

The internet when I was a wee toddler

The internet when I was a wee toddler

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