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Liveblogging From RT4: Net2NO Presentation

Liveblogging as usual, so keep checking back here for updates.  Also follow the #risingtide and #rt4 hashtags on Twitter.

Jessica Rohloff, of Net Squared New Orleans (@NewJess on Twitter), up there talking about social media in New Orleans.  Call themselves “nerds* getting together for a project.”  Attended last SXSW conference to show that “New Orleans is on the map, New Orleans is not under water, people live here, there are tax credits perfect for startups.”  20th Net Squared meetup group in the world, preceded Net Squared Austin by a day.  One of the largest Net Squared groups in country.

Meetings ==  First Tuesday of every month at the Bridge Lounge.

Links: Net Squared, TechSoup

* You’re geeks, not nerds.  There’s a difference.

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