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Day 476: A Fish Called Nemo

Fish In Water

Do I have a sign on me that says “Give Me Responsibility?” Is this why family and friends ask me to play straw boss at their weddings and take care of their kids and pets? I’m good with dogs, cats, plants and youngsters in that order, but a fish, and a Betta splendens at that? P walked into my office last week and asked, “Will you take care of my fish while I’m gone for the holidays?” I’m only slightly nervous that he may float up … or is it down … to meet his maker, but it’s a new challenge.

Nemo is the closest thing to an office pet, and our team’s little mascot. A little purple, a little blue and all iridiscent, he swims in his bowl all day, coming up for pellets during lunch time. He doesn’t sit on your lap or keyboard, need walks or cry for a diaper change. Piece of cake, right?


The Big Easy Rollergirls‘ Christmas bout was fun, but with the girls skating slower than usual for some reason. To my red-dressed chagrin, Santa’s Little Sleighers started out well and ended up losing to the evile Tannenbombers by a narrow margin. No worries – all was forgiven at the Old Point Bar afterparty. Ray, Sheik, NOLASlate, Oyster (with Lovely and Clam #2), Editor B and Xy were there. (Loki & Alexis are forgiven for they were taking care of Loki’s grandmother, as is Schroeder because he’s trying to kill himself … I mean, get into graduate school.) Where were you?

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