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Day 169: Était Grand!

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Another successful Krewe du Vieux parade has come and gone. The people, the creative floats and costumes, the throws, the pictures and the parties. Ooof, my feet still hurt from walking and dancing! As Bruno, our float captain said, “That was the best KdV walk ever, the crowd was sooooooo nice !! Good sign for the recovery of New Orleans.”

The crowd was indeed very nice – loud yet polite, they cheered and thanked us for putting on the parade again this year. What’s New Orleans and Mardi Gras without Krewe du Vieux to kick things off in high, irreverent style? However, instead of a walk, I only remember jogs to the float to grab packet after packet of beads for the throngs. It was PACKED – I don’t think I remember a Krewe du Vieux with this high of an attendance. Yet another sign for the rebound of New Orleans, I hope.

Each year, my favorite moments of the parade come when I hand out a special set of beads or a cup filled with goodies to a child between the ages of 2 and 10, usually a shy one hiding behind Mom or Dad. My heart wells over when the little one’s eyes light up with glee and the realization that he or she has something no one else got. Especially now, I find it appropriate to celebrate youth and growth. It is important to let the impressionable children of New Orleans know that happiness is their right, what their city is all about, and that things are going to be different but fine.

Pictures of Krewe du Vieux and New Orleans to be uploaded tonight.

P.S. Home-cooked jambalaya and Hubig’s apple pie = best pre-parade fuel.

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  • yeah! glad it went well! sounds like a blast.

    heard several people in dc yesterday talking about going to mardi gras in NO. i thought of you and how that conversation would have put a smile on your face.

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