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I Am A Balloon

in the game of life

Allergies. Tree, weed and grass allergies. They threaten to turn into colds and bronchitis, but the main treachery is the woozy head. That ideas, sentences and decisions come out of me but I am not the one making them. Hate that feeling of not being in control while things miraculously get done (for varying values of “done”). Wonder if psychologists have studied these different states of being of a person in whom histamines and their enemies engage in battle.

Hey, at least, I’m not coughing like a dog any more.

Whoops, spoke to soon. Here comes another attack. Welcome back to a normal spring in the South.

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  • Anita

    Ah, the joys of Spring. I hope this clears up soon for you. I know how miserable it is.

    We’ve had two perfect Springtime days here which lured me into foolishly flinging open every window. Immediately, I had what can only be described as an attack of the invisible horrors lurking en plein air! I grabbed my inhaler, slammed down the windows and turned on all the air conditioners and filters available. Not even jasmine and magnolias make it tolerable.

    • I feel your pain all too unfortunately well, Anita. This doesn’t happen to me up north at all, which is odd given that they have the same oak and grass pollen up there. I suspect it’s the sheer amount of pollen down here; once winter lets up in the south, it really Lets Up and Lets Go with the blooming and merrymaking. But, you know what, summer is coming! And I will be the happiest girl in the South then!

  • Blair

    If it’s any consolation, which I doubt, Wisconsin is loaded with pollen, too.
    I’m sneezing but Nic can hardly see. Maybe the answer lies in Greenland.

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