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Day 0/1: Katrina Update #5: Evacuated To Houston

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This is my first chance to update everyone since D and I evacuated New Orleans for Houston 16 hours ago. First off, thank you to EVERYONE for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. If I could only express to you the number of anxiety attacks and dubious moments of peace I have borne for the better part of 24 hours. The urgency with which locals left the city only underscores the seriousness of this hurricane and its potential impact on New Orleans.

Our evacuation route took us northeast through Slidell, into southern Mississippi (a black hole of backroads which will be described in a later post), back into northern Louisiana and down to Houston. I-10 westbound was a nightmare of a parking lot as we left this morning and the traffic situation has only worsened. Yes, there are people trying to leave New Orleans that are stuck on major highways right now. Additionally, I know of a few people, including one of my best friends, Machelle, who decided to stay behind and brave the storm. Realize that once Katrina’s winds reach hurricane velocities, the bridges out of New Orleans will be closed. One can exit NO only by crossing a bridge of some sort. Please keep these people, as well as the carless and homeless, in your vigils. If you are in New Orleans and reading this post, please report to the Superdome immediately with essentials and provisions that will last you at least three days.

In no uncertain terms, I am frightened to death. In just a few hours, my city may be flattened along with my home, all of my worldly possessions (but not the CPUs, thanks Manish!) and, most importantly, some of the greatest people I have met.

Please hope your best for us. If NO goes, we won’t lose mere possessions but one of the great American cities and an inimitable way of life.

More from the aftermath.

P.S. Check the cams if you want to follow along at home. I can’t vouch for lens cleanliness or even for the camera being there. The Uptown streetcarcam is the scariest one so far.

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  • Cheryl

    Most of the cams aren’t working, which can’t be a good sign. You YOurin our prayers!

  • Praying for you and the million others who would be affected. I pray that there would be no casualities and everybody is safe. I pray the damage caused would be the least that we can expect.
    God Bless !

  • Please keep these people, as well as the carless and homeless, in your vigils. Eek, good point. So glad you got out safely. I was worried you weren’t leaving. .. .

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