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Earth Science Week Off To A Good Start

It’s Earth Science Week!

Today in 2010, we have the ongoing oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, controversy over hydro-fracturing to extract hydrocarbons, coalmine explosions, poor economies and infrastructure placing our nuclear future at risk, water resources drying up and countless other resource issues that relate immediately to understanding the earth and our interaction with it. It’s quite apropos then that this year’s Earth Science Week theme is Exploring Energy. There are Events In Your Area and resources at the US Geological Survey’s website to help edumacate yourself on this elephant in the room topic. I don’t know if I’d get in a car with Bud Tuminous (Har Har) The Mascot ™, though. Apparently the USGS hasn’t heard of the dangers of PedoBear.

Blunt, I mean Bud

Earth Science Week is especially a great opportunity for teachers and parents to talk to young minds about where the gasoline in the car or schoolbus and gas, electric current and drinking water at home come from. To be fair to the kids, most adults think God puts gasoline in the station’s pump and that slabs of meat miraculously appear at the grocery store. The point here is that it’s going to be the next generation who will find the sustainable, renewable and affordable energy sources of the future. Even if you want them to Drill Baby Drill, think about it: there are lots fewer critical-thinking, inter-disciplinary and creative engineers and scientists coming out of our school system that are qualified to work in increasingly challenging oil and gas environments.

You can help. And write it off on your taxes, even. Please support my efforts and those of other awesome earth science blogs in the Science Bloggers for Students challenge. Whatever you give, HP will match up to $50,000. Check out the leaderboard, guys! Highly Allochthonous and Gam just shot past me. Help!

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  • Blair October 13, 2010, 6:03 PM

    He looks like Bud Lite – I’ll take Maibock.

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