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Brett, I Mean, LeBron

The loss of LeBron James to the Miami Heat will hit cash-strapped Cleveland in the wallet, no doubt about it. But, it will hurt Akron, where James is from and more than a star attraction, the most. It’s a pretty tight-knit Catholic-school sports community up there and they’re losing their hometown kid who stayed.

Each post and tweet on the topic has given me Brett Favre Deja Whiplash something awful. LeBron owes Cleveland nothing – Big Sports is a cold hard business after all, well it is when franchises fire players as opposed to when they’re dumped – but The Ego of The Decision. Why do so-called professionals and their handlers have to be such divas about it and not just Quietly Go like grown ass men?

To my family: Big Group Hug. We’ll always have Repeat The Three-Peat.

Gotta go put my neck brace on. Ow.

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