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Day 72

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(Image ganked from Ian McGibboney)

Don’t you hate it when news outfits won’t just report the, uh, news and even the better ones succumb to the cute wordplay angle or feel that they have to cast current American events in a larger political light? For the love of information, does everything have to be couched in re-electability, i.e. how a given political figure’s reaction to a given issue positions them on the Upcoming Elections Risk boardgame?

Like today’s NPR Morning Edition segment on Bobby Jindal: Oil Spill Crisis Puts Jindal Back On Center Stage.  I think they played “again a rising star” three times in the lead-up. And they even put up the Messiah Bobby picture on the web edition.

Let’s see how the governor has really been doing, shall we?

NYTimes | Louisiana Wants U.S. Help, and Its Own Way

[I]nterviews with more than two dozen state and federal officials and experts suggest that Louisiana, from the earliest days of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, has often disregarded its own plans and experts in favor of large-scale proposals that many say would probably have had limited effectiveness and could have even hampered the response.

CBS | Gulf Coast Governors Leaving National Guard Idle

But nearly two months after the governor requested – and the Department of Defense approved the use of 6,000 Louisiana National Guard troops – only a fraction – 1,053 – have actually been deployed by Jindal to fight the spill.

Businessweek | La. gov’s budget vetoes hit his political foes

Coastal parish lawmakers argued local communities can’t afford to float [$24.9 million] for response efforts and wait for reimbursement.

“The local governments are crying for financial help, and apparently the governor’s decided to let them go cry to BP and let the chips fall where they may,” [Louisiana House Speaker Jim] Tucker said Monday.

Sensuous Curmudgeon | As the Gulf Gushes, Jindal & Creationists Pray

The only thing that surprises us is how such a misfortune could have occurred at all — and to Louisiana of all places. Surely, with the concentrated spiritual power of that state’s creationist population, they should have have been immune to this kind of thing.

And now, Jeffrey with the wrap-up: “I never said Bobby Jindal isn’t full of shit. Only said that his full-of-shitness was briefly loud enough to draw attention to the fact that others were also full of shit. But in the end, it’s important to remember that Bobby Jindal is pretty damned full of shit too.”

In other words: Now, you listen here, he’s not the messiah. In fact, he’s a very naughty boy. Now go away!

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