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Accomplishments Of Note

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Ok, even if I don’t know how to do (see previous post), I’ll start with what I done did.

Work: Submitted a 30-minute speaking proposal to the Where 2.0 2010 conference.  I’ll leave worrying about the slide deck and what I’m going to wear until after it’s accepted.

Movies: After not having watched a feature film since Harry Potter And The Half-Blooded Snape earlier in the summer, our two trans-Atlantic flights afforded me the chance to catch Sunshine Cleaning, Transformers 2, I Love You, Man, The Hangover and Watchmen (twice).  I know watching a bad Michael Bay film is not an accomplishment, but a) insomnia, b) 3D visual effects and c) giant metal robots making that hella-cool Zing! sound.  Hoping to watch Slumdog Millionaire this weekend with the fam.

Books: Finished Not Enough Indians.  Harry Shearer is the king of the simile and this quick, hilarious read made me think of two things only: Whom will my former neighbor Jennifer Coolidge play when the book is optioned, and isn’t this timely given the casino debate in Ohio?

Election: Continued from above, what is up with the Casino Economy permeating this country?  Issue 3 is on the November ballot in Ohio.  After having read the arguments of both sides, I have decided to vote No on this issue.  Gambling, especially in the absence of a robust bidding process and with only 30% going to the state for education funds, is not economic recovery.  Instead, it is poison to our population of under- and unemployed who have very little money as it is.  If you don’t believe me, talk to the folks who run Salvation Army, adult literacy and workforce development programs in this area and listen to their stories of people blowing their last $40 at a betting table hoping to make it big.

Anyway, these are Things I’ve Done To Date Worth Noting.

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  • ryan

    One of the very few pitfalls of having a new baby is that it’s next to impossible to get away for a night @ the movies. We tried going to watch Lisa Lampanelli @ Mahalia Jackson & got thru 15 minutes of the show before having to go home b/c of a crying Shailaja (it was so sad too :( ).

    Enjoy as many night outs at the movies as you can!

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